You are NEVER just a number to us!

Let's get to know each other. | Foxstone Financial

Do you feel like you were just a number to your current financial advisor?

Wouldn’t you like to work with a firm who understands you and how meaningful your life is and the goals that you’re trying to achieve in the future?

Setting a proper course for your future is vital, and that is what we are here to do. We’re here to help you.


If a plane takes off and is just a few degrees off course, it doesn’t matter in the beginning. The plane can be redirected very easily. However, over a seven-hour flight, that plane, even at one degree off course, it’s never going to reach its intended destination. Likewise, if you are on the wrong course financially in your current investment strategy, you will never reach your intended destination for the future. You are going to end up living a life or having a life far different than what you expected, so let’s make sure that you are on the right course from the beginning.

What if your financial advisor really knew you and the goals that you wanted to achieve and what you wanted to do in the future? When we meet for the first time, we’re going to set aside all of the financial jargon, rates of return, spreadsheets, numerical data, and we’re just going to get to know you because that’s what’s important to us. Where are you now, where have you been, and where do you want to go? Start a conversation with us, and we will begin with the personal analysis.

Start a conversation with us, and we will begin with the personal analysis.

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