Fiduciary Based Investing

We know there is an over-abundance of investment advisors out there for you to choose from.

So, why work with us?

One reason is our proprietary investment process known as the Foxstone Quadrant.

Foxstone Financial in Centennial, CO is dedicated to helping you invest your money responsibly. The Foxstone Quadrant uses a series of sophisticated mathematical formulas to objectively select what we believe are the “best in class" investments available. We adhere to the theory that investing in the best managed ETF and mutual funds will give the investor a higher than average chance of success. Combine this methodology with a completely diversified mix of investment vehicles, and you have the type of investment portfolio that will capture higher returns with less risk. This enables the investor to own some riskier investments with higher return potential, in an ultra-low-risk package. Our experience has shown that most investor"s portfolios are abhorrently under-diversified. We will show you the properties and characteristics of the most diversified portfolio, and why it is designed to deliver strong, stable returns in all market conditions. We can guarantee you have never learned about diversification like this before, and you will never think about portfolio construction in the same way again. Our clients experience this investing process on a fiduciary fee-only basis, which allows them to maintain control over the expenses in their portfolios.