Our Investment Process

“It ain’t what you don’t know that can hurt you, it’s what you know for sure that ain’t so.”

- Mark Twain

Investing feels broken for the average investor, and subjective risk semantics like "aggressive" or "moderately conservative" don't help.

Investing feels broken for the average investor and subjective risk semantics like “aggressive” and “moderately conservative” don’t help. These terms typically only serve to keep investors guessing about the suitability of their investments, instead of providing an objective definable term which can be evaluated. This in turn keeps investors on the emotional roller coaster of investing of getting in and out of the stock market at the wrong time. This can expose them to higher losses and lower gains. We can help stop these mistakes through an Artificial Intelligence software program which is designed to eliminate the emotional roller coaster by buying into the appropriate assets classes as they grow, and selling out of them as they are beginning to fall. This has proven to increase the upside opportunity of the market by a 78% accuracy rate over the last decade.

At Foxstone Financial, located in Centennial, CO, we have trademarked an investment process that further eliminates the financial emotional roller coaster. This is accomplished by correctly identifying your risk tolerance, and then providing a mathematical formula designed to properly balance your invested assets between four different types of investment vehicles. This properly establishes the process of diversification. We then utilize an active investment methodology that is based on a highly quantifiable process of mathematical formulas that tell us when to buy and sell certain asset classes. We don’t believe owning investments that are losing value are necessary to be included in a portfolio. No more buying and holding investments that are declining in value just because someone told you that it is a necessary aspect of investing. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. This quantifiable process of investing has proven to keep investment risk at or below our client’s desired level of comfort, while increasing their returns. This is all accomplished through the Artificial Intelligence software, without any emotional prejudice or ego. 

We can guarantee you have never learned about diversification like this before, and you will never think about portfolio construction in the same way again. Our clients experience this investing process on a fiduciary fee-only basis, which allows them to maintain control over the expenses in their portfolios.