Our Financial Planning Team

Christian Ravsten

As the owner and President of Foxstone Financial, Christian brings a unique ability to look at difficult situations and come up with logical and non-emotional solutions. His understanding of investment theory allows him, to build portfolios with very specific characteristics which allows upside momentum, while minimizing risk. He enjoys working in the technical and detail oriented aspects of the financial industry. His degree in finance from C.U. Denver has helped him follow his dream of helping people make wise financial decisions to positively impact their lives. He is married with three active children. His interests include anything that is athletic and involves his family. 

Tara Coleman

Tara is responsible for the day to day operations of our client service department. She handles the processing of applications, providing assistance to clients when they have questions concerning their accounts, and all the necessary maintenance of client"s accounts, including required minimum distributions. She is always eager to help, and is one of the reasons so many of our clients, enjoy working with us. Tara is happy, pleasant, and extremely competent in all of her dealings. She is married with four kids and 1 grandchild.