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Financial Planning: Are Your Investments “Final Four” Ready?

March 26, 2018

It’s the time of the year when college basketball fans and even non-fans both come together in order to fill out brackets as numerous teams vye for the national basketball championship. Critically acclaimed national experts and those who have not even watched a single game in ages both will come together and fill-in their brackets in hopes of potentially winning some money, bragging rights, or simply seeing how close they can get to predicting a perfect bracket. The term “March Madness” was coined for the event and such upsets which remarkably can also pertain to financial planning and investments that run a similar parallel to the widely recognized tournament.

Both in terms of preparation from an individual teams standpoint and those emotions felt by fans watching their schools compete, can both be anticipated feelings derived from investing into your future. However, with excellent coaching, a dose of patience, and proper direction you can avoid the roller coaster ride that having your money be subject to all varying market influences can cause. The ideal picks are made with a detailed plan in place for success and a fixed goal in sight - just like every team as they prepare for their first, next, or last game - hopefully, the championship - in the tournament.

In order to ensure that your investments are “Final Four” ready, the plan of attack begins with an attainable goal for which to aim and then a step-by-step approach for reaching the stated goal. By following these steps, consistency will be key combined with ensuring you receive an ample return on the investments to which you are committed.

The American College of Financial Planning institutes a well-rounded five component approach to monetary planning which will help you to achieve your desired goals related to financial freedom. This is essentially the playbook responsible for your success, similar to a team’s own playbook which holds the actions and components necessary for execution in order to win the game or achieve their goals.

These areas include each of the following characteristics: investment and risk management with income tax, estate, and goal planning. By properly establishing a method for each of these five components, the investments for which you are responsible will be ready to perform for you on a consistent and regular basis.


More simply, money management, as the term accurately relates to how individuals or their designees typically handle all of the reported investments within a given portfolio. Knowing where and when to make these investments in order to generate the most return is critical to having a long-term success throughout your opportunity. Any changes which may also relate to an increase in the profitability of an investment should also be considered as these moves will benefit an investor long-term.

These factors are also commonly associated with asset allocation, financial statement analysis, consistent monitoring and a directive for stock selection. The first of five steps, investment management is only a part of the entire process but extremely important to ensuring the intended success.


Of equal importance is protecting all of your investments through proper risk management procedures. Just as the investments may be in a constant state of flux, your risk management capabilities must also be adjusted to keep up with the impending investment returns and guard against any unwanted or unforseen shortfalls.

Patience is key but having insurance capabilities for unanticipated actions or a plan for all aspects will make the investment process easier and considerably more enjoyable. Always have a backup plan, just as the teams involved in the tournament have to adjust their plays, matchups, and possessions as the game is occuring. Knowing where to turn in any given situation at a moments notice, helps to make dealing with these adjustments and potential changes accordingly.


There exist two certainties in life, “death and taxes” and a failure to plan for Uncle Sam getting their share of an investment opportunity could leave you feeling slighted when the time comes to retrieve you money.

Always make certain there is a plan in place from the beginning to account for what percentage of your money will be taxable, depending on your investment type by following these tax tips for investors.


Just as you plan for any uncertainties with risk management practices for monies invested into different areas, a proper estate plan to guard your assets is also of equal importance. No matter your current financial situation, know that there are individuals and entities out there who will come for your possessions once able and should they see an opportunity.

This planning helps to keep your money in the family and with those who you have intended to benefit from its use instead of being squandered away and used for unintended purposes.


An umbrella term encapsulating the foundation of this entire process, goal planning is vital to the success of any investment opportunity. Having a desired outcome and knowing what steps must be taken in order to achieve it, in addition to a detailed timeline, will help aid during the time consuming process.

Again, patience is a key factor associated with investing and knowing where you are in the process in terms of reaching your final goal is important. The basketball tournament is often compared to a marathon, multiple games over the course of a month to claim the ultimate prize - not one single game for all of the glory, until then end. Investing is a similar experience.

If you’re ready to create a plan for investing in order to achieve your life goals then let the financial planning experts at Foxstone Financial, Inc. be your guide today. Their willingness to offer a detailed review of your individual situation in regards to each of the five previously mentioned principles will leave you on the right path to financial freedom. Get on track for the life you wish to live and gain control of your finances with their expert advice and knowledgeable staff. Contact us or call 1-866-988-5443 to put the plan in place so your investments can not only be “Final Four” ready but able to hoist the championship.