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Financial Planning: Am I Too Late?

July 4, 2018

Almost everyone in any workplace will sit through a financial advisory meeting with a representative attempting to discuss your future. Retirement, college funds for children, and amassing enough wealth on which to live comfortably when unable or unwilling to generate a steady income really is an important aspect of life but one most do not give the proper attention. Wealth management often seems too far into the future or unattainable as individuals work and live almost paycheck to paycheck.
After cashing payroll or having it directly deposited, people begin paying bills, mortgages, child care, making donations and rarely consider the opportunity to invest. However, by doing so they may be currently surviving but a day will soon come when they are no longer able to make the same steady income on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Life happens, and all of us are going to get old at some point in time - it’s unfortunate, and many do not wish to talk about it but therein lies the issue with investment potential.
Even when individuals elect to begin a financial planning or investing process, they often follow it up with waiting for the right time to invest. A decision has been made but the action required is being delayed. Don’t let this happen to you. Regardless of your own age, current financial status, the timing or trends of a current market - if you’re wanting to make the most of your future and live the best life, then get started today.


When is the right time to invest? The answer is now, or anytime. Don’t let the fluctuations of a market scare you away from using your funds to invest. Like many other life altering decisions and events that occur - getting married, having a child or others - if you’re waiting on the right time then all you’re doing is wasting it. The same applies to investing and planning for your financial future.
The longer funds are invested the more risk that can be levied onto them with the potential for larger gains. Use of a term like “risk” can be a deterrent but opportunity sounds better and can be inserted to create a better alternative. Consider instead, the longer funds are invested the more opportunity levied onto them with the potential for larger gains. Both accurate but one is considerably more inviting.
The bottom line - don’t wait, start today.


Similar to timing, age is only shortening your ability to see funds mature. You are never too old to begin but the path for a secure financial future will be different than someone who elects to begin planning and managing their wealth at an earlier age.
Two different paths but one similar future can all be reached with the right guidance, advice, and investment strategies to ensure your goals are attainable and achieved.


The market trends will vary and are often compared to an amusement park attraction roller coaster. Even as recently as April of 2018, Business Insider compared the highs and lows with swings in momentum in addition to swings in momentum to a stock market on a roller coaster ride.

While these recent trends can be a scary thought at putting in money and wondering what will happen, experts can take most of the guesswork out of an equation. Instead, understanding that these ebbs and flows will happen and being confident in your own investment plan will make trudging through the process and accumulating wealth more of a fun process than a scary one.


Creating a substantial and sustainable amount of wealth at an older age is important and becomes even more obvious as an individual’s age increases. This quest for a sustainable income can be created with the proper wealth management and as stated, depending on your age and the timing of opportunity, a path can be created to help carve out just what is needed based on everyone’s individual needs and circumstances.


Considering the future is important in life. People often express their personal beliefs of “living in the moment” or “all we have is now” and while both possess solid reasoning behind those assumptions, it always helps to have a plan.
If you’ve given no thought to where you will be in five, ten, twenty, or more years down the road then for what are you aiming to achieve. Having goals and working to attain them is just as important as taking in the current moments in life. Life is short but being prepared can help make the journey even more enjoyable - especially when you reach the destination.


Finally, funds availability doesn’t determine an investing opportunity. While the ability to put more money into planning for the future may change the course in which you are investing and the opportunities to consider - you don’t necessarily need to have a substantial amount of wealth prior to investing. Yes, the term, “it takes money to make money” may apply in business, real estate and financial planning but how much money is the key. More often than not it only takes the small amount of money you have available to contribute and over time, depending on when you begin, your wealth will grow if given the proper care and path for success.
Like a fruit-bearing seed in the garden, once money is planted on the path for future gains, it takes proper care in order to bear the end results - which are often extremely beneficial and enjoyable - just as properly planning your future investments and wealth considerations will be once the time arrives for their need.
If you’re ready to create a specific retirement plan or investing opportunity in order to achieve your life goals then let the financial planning experts at Foxstone Financial, Inc. be your guide today. Their willingness to offer a detailed review of your individual situation in regards to each of the aforementioned contribution opportunities will leave you on the right path to financial freedom. Get on track for the life you wish to live and gain control of your finances with their expert advice and knowledgeable staff. Contact us or call 1-866-988-5443 to put the plan in place so your investments can provide the best potential return in the future.